Are you tired of constantly worrying about your cat’s whereabouts? Look no further! A cat GPS Tracker can give you the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.

With an increasing number of pets getting lost and or stolen each year, it’s crucial for cat owners to take proactive measures to protect their feline friends.

Cat GPS trackers offer a wide range of features to help you easily locate and monitor your cat. From downloadable apps and Bluetooth connectivity to GPS capabilities, these trackers ensure that you never lose sight of your beloved pet.

Whether your cat is an adventurous explorer or prefers to stay close to home, gpa tracking technology can keep them safe within a designated boundary.

Cat Gps Tracker Australia

1. Tractive GPS CAT 4

To track your cat’s location in Australia, you can use the Tractive GPS CAT 4. With this GPS tracker, you can monitor your furry friend in real-time, ensuring their safety and giving you peace of mind.

The device also offers virtual fence features, allowing you to mark safe spaces for your cat and receive notifications when they leave or return to the designated area.

Additionally, the Tractive GPS CAT 4 provides all-day activity monitoring to track your cat’s active time, rest, and calories burned.

Product Specs:

  • Brand: Tractive
  • Model: TRAMINDB
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Special Features: Waterproof, Activity tracking device, Location History, Real Time Tracking
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery is required. (included)
  • Dimensions: 2.79 x 1.52 x 5.33 cm; 35 Grams
  • Weight: 35 g


  • Real-time location tracking
  • Virtual fence feature
  • All-day activity monitoring


  • Limited accuracy in GPS reception
  • Low sound volume in find mode
  • WiFi range limitations for safe zones

Price & Purchase

$79.00 –  Buy Tractive GPS CAT 4

Tractive GPS CAT 4

2. Safer Pet GPS Cat Tracker

Imagine having a guardian angel for your feline friend, a Safer Pet GPS Cat Tracker that watches their every move, ensuring their safety and giving you peace of mind.

This compact and lightweight tracker, weighing only 23 grams, offers real-time tracking with an accuracy of up to 10 meters. You can set the tracking interval as per your preference, ranging from 1 minute to 60 minutes. Additionally, the tracker monitors your cat’s activity, ensuring they get enough exercise.

With the ability to view previously tracked walks for up to 3 months and step counts for the last 7 days, you can keep a close eye on your pet’s well-being. The Safer Pet GPS Cat Tracker also allows you to share the app with up to 3 users, so your loved ones can stay connected with your pet’s whereabouts.

The tracker is splashproof and has a silicone protective case, keeping it safe during outdoor adventures. With up to 3 days of battery life between charges, you can trust that your cat is always protected. However, it’s important to note that a subscription is required, starting from £3.33/month, which includes an integrated multi-network SIM card and all data charges.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 49x30x15mm
  • Weight: 23 grams
  • Sim Card: Multi-network SIM and data included
  • Location Technology: GPS and WIFI
  • Battery: 450mAh, lasts up to 3 days
  • Charging: Micro USB cable included; charging takes approximately 2 hours


  • Lightweight and suitable for smaller pets
  • Helpful and patient customer service
  • Easy app connectivity
  • Battery life lasts approximately 1 week
  • Sufficient accuracy for tracking purposes
  • Provides peace of mind for lost pets


  • Inaccurate location tracking
  • Rapid battery discharge
  • Lack of customer service availability on weekends
  • Issues with Wi-Fi connection and GPS accuracy
  • Limited tracking points displayed in the app
Price & Purchase

$62.89 –  Buy Safer Pet GPS Cat Tracker

Safer Pet GPS Cat Tracker

3. Mini GPS Tracker Real-Time Tracking Device for Cats

Experience peace of mind and never worry about your feline friend’s safety again with the Mini GPS Tracker. This compact, lightweight tracker is designed specifically for cats, ensuring you can always monitor their whereabouts. With its live tracking and history route feature, you can easily track your cat and view their past movements in real time.

The Mini GPS Tracker is easy to set up, simply insert a 2G network SIM card and configure the APN information. You can manage the tracker through a free GPS app for iOS and Android or any internet browser, giving you convenient access to your pet’s location at all times. The tracker works by calling the SIM phone number or sending a text message, and it will respond with a Google Maps link to provide you with the exact location.

With its long standby battery life of up to 150-200 hours, waterproof and robust design, and compatibility in over 150 countries worldwide, the Mini GPS Tracker is the perfect solution for keeping your cat safe and secure.

Product Specs:

  • Product Name: Mini GPS Tracker
  • Size: 2.44 x 1.18 x 0.71, Weight: 30g
  • GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm, GPS accuracy: 5m
  • Charger: input: 110-220V, output: 5V
  • Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Li-ion battery; Standby: 7-10 days
  • Waterproof rating: IP66
  • Works with 2G network SIM card (not included)
  • Compatible with 850/900/1800/1900MHz frequencies
  • Works in over 150 countries worldwide
  • Free GPS app for iOS and Android


  • Real-time tracking and history route feature
  • Long standby battery life
  • Waterproof and robust design
  • Compatible with 2G network SIM cards
  • Works in over 150 countries
  • It can be managed through a free GPS app


  • The setup and app may have usability issues
  • Requires a working SIM card with good coverage
  • Does not replace training for pets
Price & Purchase

$102.89 –  Buy Mini GPS Tracker Real-Time Tracking Device for Cats

Mini GPS Tracker Real-Time Tracking Device for Cats

Importance of Cat GPS Trackers

It’s heartbreaking to think of your cat getting lost or facing danger without a way to find them. With a cat GPS tracker, you can keep a close eye on your cat’s whereabouts and prevent them from wandering too far.

These trackers provide real-time tracking, allowing you to locate your cat quickly and easily. They also offer features like virtual GPS fences, which send alerts if your cat goes beyond a designated safe zone. This way, you can ensure that your cat stays close to home and out of harm’s way.

By using a cat GPS tracker, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can always keep your beloved feline friend safe and secure.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Cat Gps Tracker

Battery Life

To maximize the longevity of your cat tracker, you’ll want to keep an eye on its battery life. This is important because a dead battery means your tracker won’t be able to help you find your furry friend when they go missing. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your cat tracker’s battery:

  • Opt for a tracker with a long battery life. Look for models that offer several days or even weeks of use before needing to be recharged.
  • Take advantage of power-saving features. Some trackers have sleep modes or low-power settings that can extend battery life.
  • Regularly check the battery level on your tracker’s app. This way, you’ll know when it’s time to recharge.
  • Consider investing in a tracker with a replaceable battery. This allows you to easily swap out the battery when it runs out without purchasing a whole new tracker.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your cat tracker is always ready to help you keep your beloved feline safe and sound.

Ease of Use

Don’t be hesitant to try out a cat tracker, as they’re designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for you to keep track of your furry friend.

The ease of use of cat GPS trackers is one of their greatest advantages. With simple apps to download onto your phone and a Bluetooth connection to the tracking device, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips. These trackers often come with a safe zone feature that alerts you if your cat goes beyond a certain area, giving you peace of mind.

Additionally, GPS technology allows you to pinpoint your cat’s location accurately. It’s like having a virtual fence that keeps your cat safe and connected to you.


With this waterproof cat GPS tracker, you can rest assured that your cat’s safety and location will always be within reach, even in wet and rainy conditions.

Whether your cat loves to explore puddles or gets caught in unexpected downpours, this tracker can handle it all. No need to stress about water damage or malfunctions anymore.

Stay connected with your feline friend and keep them safe and sound, knowing that their tracker is built to withstand any water adventure.


Now that you understand the importance of having a waterproof cat GPS tracker, let’s discuss the cost.

When it comes to the well-being and safety of your feline friend, the price is a small investment compared to the peace of mind it provides. While the cost of cat GPS trackers can vary, they’re generally affordable and accessible to cat owners of all budgets.

You can find various options to suit your needs, from basic trackers with essential features to more advanced ones with additional functionalities. Remember, the value lies in keeping your beloved cat safe and secure, always knowing their whereabouts.

So, don’t hesitate to explore options and find a cat GPS tracker that fits your budget and gives you that sense of belonging and connection with your furry companion.


Feel free to give your adventurous feline friend the ability to explore to their heart’s content with a cat GPS tracker that offers an extensive range, allowing them to roam far and wide while you stay connected.

Cat GPS trackers in Australia must provide a wide coverage area, ensuring that you can easily locate your cat even if they venture into remote or hard-to-reach places.

With our trackers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat’s whereabouts are always just a tap away on your smartphone.

Whether your cat loves to explore the neighbourhood or enjoys venturing into the great outdoors, our trackers have a range that can accommodate their adventurous spirit. Keep your cat safe while they satisfy their curiosity, and never worry about losing them again with our cat GPS trackers.


Please don’t fret about your adventurous feline’s mischievous antics. Our durable cat GPS trackers can withstand the wildest of adventures, ensuring you never lose sight of your curious companion.

These trackers are built tough to handle any rough play or outdoor exploration your cat may embark on. Their dirt and water-resistant design can handle all kinds of weather conditions, from rain to mud puddles.

So whether your cat loves to climb trees, chase birds, or dive into bushes, our trackers will stay securely attached to their collar, keeping them safe and sound. You can have peace of mind knowing that even in the face of your cat’s wildest escapades, our durable GPS trackers will always be there to guide you back to your beloved feline friend.

Accurate Location Tracking

Rest assured, our state-of-the-art cat GPS trackers accurately pinpoint your furry friend’s location, ensuring you can always find them, no matter where their curious nature leads them. With our advanced technology, you can rely on the accuracy of our cat trackers to keep your beloved feline safe and secure.

Here are three reasons why our location tracking is unparalleled:

  1. Real time updates: Our cat GPS trackers provide live tracking, giving you instant updates on your cat’s whereabouts. You can easily monitor their movements and ensure they are safe and sound.
  2. Precise location data: Our trackers utilize advanced GPS technology to provide accurate location data. You can trust that the information you receive is reliable, allowing you to locate your cat if they ever wander off quickly.
  3. Virtual boundaries: Set up virtual GPS fences to create safe zones for your cat. If they venture beyond these boundaries, you’ll receive alerts immediately, allowing you to take action and bring them back to safety.

With our cat GPS trackers, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be able to find your furry friend, no matter where they may roam.

How to Properly Use a Cat GPS Tracker for Effective Tracking

Secure Attachment

  • Ensure the tracker is securely attached to your cat’s collar or harness.
  • Use a durable and comfortable attachment method to prevent it from falling off during your cat’s adventures.

Familiarize Yourself with Monitoring App

  • Familiarize yourself with the app or software used to monitor your cat’s location.
  • Download and install the app on your smartphone or computer.
  • Create an account and log in to access the tracking features.

Utilize Additional Features

  • Take advantage of additional features a cat GPS tracker offers for an enhanced tracking experience.
  • Set up virtual fences to receive alerts when your cat enters or leaves designated areas.
  • Monitor activity logs to gain insights into your cat’s daily movements.

Using a cat GPS tracker can provide peace of mind knowing that you can easily locate your feline companion if they wander off. To ensure effective tracking, follow these simple steps:

  1. Attach the tracker securely: Make sure the tracker is firmly attached to your cat’s collar or harness using a reliable attachment method. This will prevent it from getting lost while your cat roams around.
  2. Get familiar with the monitoring app: Download and install the app provided by the GPS tracker manufacturer on your smartphone or computer. Create an account and log in to access all tracking features.
  3. Explore additional functionalities: Besides basic location tracking, many cat GPS trackers offer extra features for added convenience. Take advantage of these options:
    • Virtual fences: Set up virtual boundaries within which your cat should stay. Receive notifications if they leave these designated areas.
    • Activity logs: Monitor your cat’s daily activities, such as distance travelled or time spent resting, through detailed activity logs.

By following these guidelines, you can maximize the use of a cat GPS tracker in Australia and ensure effective tracking of your beloved feline friend wherever they may roam.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some common challenges or limitations of using GPS cat trackers in Australia?

Some common challenges or limitations of using GPS cat trackers in Australia include limited battery life, poor GPS or cellular signals in certain areas, and the need for a smartphone with a compatible app for tracking.

2. Are there any legal requirements or regulations for using GPS cat trackers in Australia?

No, there are currently no legal requirements or regulations for using GPS cat trackers in Australia. However, respecting privacy and ensuring your cat’s and other’s safety and well-being is always important.

3. How accurate are GPS cat trackers in pinpointing a cat’s location in urban areas with tall buildings or dense vegetation?

GPS cat trackers accurately pinpoint a cat’s location, even in urban areas with tall buildings or dense vegetation.

They use GPS technology to provide real-time location updates, ensuring you can always find your beloved feline friend.

4. Can GPS cat trackers be used on multiple cats or is it limited to only one cat per tracker?

Yes, GPS cat trackers can be used on multiple cats! You can track all your furry friends with one device, ensuring their safety and giving you peace of mind. Keep your cats together and connected with a tracker that fits their collars.

5. Do GPS cat trackers require a monthly subscription or additional fees for their tracking services in Australia?

No, GPS cat trackers in Australia do not require a monthly subscription or additional fees for their tracking services. Once you purchase the tracker, you can use it without any ongoing costs.

6. Will a GPS tracker be uncomfortable for my cat?

GPS trackers are designed with your cat’s comfort in mind. Choose a lightweight and secure option that won’t cause any discomfort.

7. Can I use a cat GPS tracker on multiple cats?

Some trackers allow you to monitor multiple pets simultaneously, while others may require separate devices for each cat.

8. How long does the battery of a cat GPS tracker last?

Battery life varies depending on the device and usage. Most trackers offer several days of battery life before needing to be recharged.

Remember, investing in a reliable cat GPS tracker is an invaluable step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of your feline companion in Australia. Start exploring the options available today and provide your beloved pet with the protection they deserve.


So, now you know the importance of cat GPS trackers in Australia. With approximately 10 million pets lost each year, it’s crucial to have a reliable way to locate and monitor your cat. These trackers offer features like GPS capabilities and safe zone alerts, ensuring the safety of your feline friend.

Here’s an interesting statistic to paint a picture in your mind: only a small percentage of cats without tags or microchips are reunited with their owners. Don’t let your cat become a part of that statistic – invest in a cat GPS tracker today.