GPS Trackers – FAQ

General Questions

How Does Your Gps Tracker Work?
GPS trackers connect to a series of satellites to determine location. To determine the position of a vehicle the tracker uses the position of three or more satellites from the Global Navigation Satellite System network and its distance from them to determine latitude, longitude, elevation, and time.

This information is then sent via a sim card to your tracking software or mobile phone app.

Where Do I Purchase A GpsTrack Tracker?
All GPS trackers can be purchased directly from our website –

What Do I Get When I Buy A GpsTrack Tracker?
All our trackers come with the gps tracker, I mtere of wire, 2amp fuse and instruction manual.

How Do I Track My Vehicle Or Device?
You can track your GpsTrack tracker using your pc or laptop through our tracking web portal or through our tracking app.

Do I Have To Pay For The Tracking Software Or App?
No! The great benefit about our trackers is that they all come with free lifetime software while you are using our trackers.

Will the GpsTracker Tracker Work On Any Phone?

Yes, our apps work on all phones including iphones and android.

Can I track more than one car, boat or motorbike at once?

Yes, you can track an unlimited number of vehicles through the GpsTrack app or PC portal.

Can I allow my friends or family to track my vehicle?

Yes. They just install the free GpsTrack app on their phone and add your tracker IMEI id number to the app.

Are There Any Other Costs Required Apart From The Tracker Itself?
Yes. You will need to purchase a sim card so that data can be sent form the tracker to the tracking software. As the tracker uses a very small amount of data per month we recommend a 365 day or long term sim card. Long terms sims can be purchased for

  • Aldi.
  • Telstra.
  • Optus.
  • Vodafone.
  • Other networks.

What Product Warranty Do You Provide?
We give 12 months warrantee on all our GPS devices providing that all devices have been installed correctly in the vehicle.

What Support Do You Provide?
We take issue of after sales support very seriously. We give life time support on all our products via faq’s like this, product instructions, email and phone support.


Can I Install The GpsTrack Myself?

Yes, definitely. We provide full instructions on how to install your tracker in the vehicle. If installing a device that has the option of fuel cut off, we do how recommend that you have the device installed by a qualified auto electrician.

GpsTrack Installation

Download the CTrack Installation Guide.

Installation videos coming soon.

Trouble Shooting

The Tracker Won’t Respond To Sms Messages

  • Make sure the tracker has been wired correctly.
  • Has the SIM card been activated with the network/provider?
  • Does the SIM card have voice, text and data capability?
  • Has the SIM card been inserted correctly?
  • Does the SIM card, if PrePay, have credit?
  • Are you sending the text to the trackers SIM phone number?

The Tracker Responds To Sms However Is Not Working On The PC Or App.

  • Were all the sms texts sent as shown in the setup guide?
  • Were they sent correctly?
  • Does the SIM card have data capability?

The SIM Card Is In The Tracker But Nothing Is Working

  • Are both red and black wires connected to the car?
  • Is the red led light on the tracker? (check wire connection).
  • Is it the correct type of SIM card?
  • Has the SIM card been activated (turned on) with its network/provider?
  • Is there credit on the SIM card?
  • Is the SIM inserted the right way in?
  • Have the setup sms texts been sent?