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Caravan Gps Tracker – CVTrack

Why purchase a CVTrack gps caravan tracker?

  • CVTrack - Caravan Gps Tracker
    A CVTrack caravan gps tracker will give you complete peace of mind when leaving your caravan unattended whether it be at home or away on a trip and disconnected from your vehicle.
  • A CVTrack caravan gps tracker will help locate your stolen caravan quickly, improving the chances of recovery and reducing the financial loss for the owner.
  • CVTrack gps tracker will provide you with real-time location updates, allowing you to monitor the caravan’s movements and act if you notice any unusual activity.
  • All CVTrack gps trackers come equipped with geofencing capabilities, which will alert you when their caravan leaves a designated area or enters a restricted zone.
  • CVTrack caravan trackers also come equipped with a microphone that supports remote live audio monitoring and recording of which can be used in court if your caravan is ever stolen
  • Fitting a CVTrack gps tracker can potentially lower insurance premiums, as some insurance companies offer discounts for caravans fitted with security devices such as gps trackers.

CVTrack – Caravan Theft In Australia

  • Caravan theft is a prevalent issue in Australia, with over 1,000 caravans reported stolen every year.
  • Caravan theft can happen anywhere, but it’s more common in rural and remote areas, where caravans are left unattended for extended periods.
  • Thieves use various methods to steal caravans, including hotwiring, cutting locks, and hitching the caravan to their vehicle and driving away.
  • Caravan owners can take measures to protect their property, such as fitting GPS trackers, installing wheel clamps and hitch locks, and parking their caravan in a secure location.
  • Some insurance companies may offer discounts for caravans fitted with security devices such as GPS trackers or immobilizers.

CVTrack Caravan Gps Tracker – No Ongoing Fees For The Gps App & Software

  • Cost savings – The main benefit of no ongoing fees for the gps app or software is that you will save money over time of which can be used for other items needed for the vehicle or just savings in general.
  • No ongoing commitments – You won’t be tied to any ongoing commitments, and you can use your CVTrack caravan gps tracker as much or as little as you like without worrying about incurring additional costs.
  • Long-term peace of mind – With a one-time purchase of your CVTrack gps caravan tracker, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be able to track the location of your car. You will not need to worry if you have forgotten to pay your bill that month, your credit card is at its maximum or your automatic bank payment has failed.
  • How can Gps Track offer free life time gps apps and software when other companies do not? – Nearly all gps tracker companies outsource their gps tracking apps & software from a software company of which they pay a yearly fee that is then passed on to you the customer. In many cases, not only do the pass on this fee, but they also make a small profit on top.
  • Through negotiations, GPS Track has organized a life time fee through our software company of which we cover the cost on your behalf when you purchase your CVTtrack gps caravan tracker.  

CVTrack Caravan Gps Tracker – Guarantee, Warranty & Complete Customer Support

  • Money back guarantee – If within the first 30 days of purchasing your CVTrack gps caravan tracker you are not completely happy with your tracker, on return of the tracker we will refund 100% of your purchase price.
  • Full 12 month warranty period – Gps Track offer a full twelve month warranty period on all their gps trackers in the event that the tracker has stopped functioning in some way.
  • Gps tracker customer & technical support – Gps Track offer excellent customer and technical support. Help is always available by using our contact details online, our many instructional guides/pdfs and helpful videos.
  • Transferability – Gps Track allow for the transfer of you CVTrack gps caravan tracker to a new owner either through the sale of your vehicle or transfer of the tracker to a family member or friend.

CVTrack Caravan Gps Tracker – Features

Parked Movement Sensor
While the car is parked, the movement sensor will immediately alert you to any movement of the car whether that be movement of the doors, bonnet or boot.
If movement is sensed, a notification is sent to you via the gps app.

Geo-Fence Security
Setting of a geo fence or perimeter will alert you when and if the car has been moved outside this set boundary.

Back Up Battery
In case of interruption from your car battery, a lithium ion back up battery will keep the tracker running for many hours.

Sleep Mode
Typically the gps is pinged every 30 seconds however once in sleep mode this time is lengthened to 2 hours to save on battery life. If any movement is sensed, the tracker will go back into default ping mode and notification will be send is park movement sensor has been turned on.

Accurate GPS Location
The gps location is extremely accurate. In most cases your car will be located with 3 to 7 metres.

History Data
A full history of 7 days is supplied in your app including kms travelled, time, location, average kms and more.

Location Sharing
Plan on going on a trip for the weekend, interstate or into the bush camping. With location sharing your relatives and friends will have access to your location at all times for peace of mind or an emergency.

CVTrack Cravan Gps Tracker – Details

In The Box:

  • CVTrack caravan gps tracker.
  • Instruction guide.

CVTrack App:

The essential CVTrack app which allows you to track your caravan, set up geo fence, notifications and view all vehicle information. Compatible with Google maps, the app is completely free of charge for the life of your tracker and can be downloaded from Google play or Apple app store.

Costs – Mobile SIM Card:

CVTrack caravan gps tracker transmits all information and details via a mobile communication network which will require the purchase of a sim card. As the data transmitted per year is very small, we suggest purchasing a 365 days sim card from Aldi or another mobile network provider.

CVTrack Caravan Gps Tracker- Specifications

Weight236 g.
Dimensions86 × 64 × 34 mm.
Tracking SystemWeb Platform Andoid IOS APP.
Track ViewPC, IOS APP, SMS Coordinate, Android APP.
Positioning Mode4G, BDS, LBS, LTE.
Sim CardStandard.
Battery7500 mAh.
BatteryRechargeable lithium ion.

CTrack/CVTrack Car/Caravan Gps Trackers – Q&A’s

What Product Warranty Do You Provide?
We give 12 months warranty on all our GPS devices.

What Support Do You Provide?
We take issue of after sales support very seriously. We give life time support on all our products by providing faq’s, product instructions & videos, email and phone support.

Do I Have To Pay For The Tracking Software Or App?
No! Unlike many other companies who charge an ongoing yearly fee for this service, all our trackers come with free lifetime software & app.

Will the GpsTracker Tracker Work On Any Phone?

Yes, our apps work on all phones including iphones and android.

Can I allow my friends or family to track my vehicle?

Yes. They just install the free GpsTrack app on their phone and add your tracker IMEI id number to the app.

Are There Any Other Costs Required Apart From The Tracker Itself?
Yes. You will need to purchase a sim card so that data can be sent form the tracker to the tracking software. As the tracker uses a very small amount of data per month we recommend a 365 day or long term sim card. Long terms sims can be purchased for

  • Aldi.
  • Telstra.
  • Optus.
  • Vodafone.
  • Other networks.

Can I Install The GpsTrack Myself?

Yes, definitely. We provide full instructions on how to install your tracker in the vehicle. If installing a device that has the option of fuel cut off, we do how recommend that you have the device installed by a qualified auto electrician.

GpsTrack Installation

A full installation guide can be found here or otherwise watch installation video.

Additional FAQ’S

Additional faq’s.

CVTrack - Caravan Gps Tracker.
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