Benefits of Vehicle GPS Tracking

Unlike car, truck or motorbike insurance, a vehicle gps tracker gives you peace of mind that insurance does not.

1) Immediate Movement Notification

If a thief begins to break into your vehicle, you can set your tracker to notify you immediately via your mobile phone application. You then have the choice of intervening yourself or calling for the police assistance before the vehicle is taken.

In addition to this, if you keep valuable items in your vehicle as many tradesman do, theft of these items can then be prevented.

2) Geo-Fence & Vehicle Retrieval

With geo fencing, once the vehicle is moved outside of a set perimeter, the gps tracker will notify you that the vehicle has been moved or is moving. The vehicles route can then be tracked to it’s final destination and the police notified.

This allows for the vehicle to be retrieved immediately before the thieves have a chance to dismantle the vehicle and or remove valuable items from the vehicle.

3) Vehicle Positioning

Have you ever forgotten where you parked at a shopping centre? Or maybe one of the kids, relatives or friends have borrowed the car for the day and are running late home.
At all times you will know exactly where the vehicle is at any given time especially if you are worried about relatives or friends who have borrowed the vehicle and are running late to return.

4) Remote Disable

A gps tracker with remote disable fitted will allow you to disable the vehicle if haven been stolen or in the process of being stolen.
To do this, a loop running through a relay to the ignition or the fuel pump is installed. If using this feature we highly recommend having the gps tracker fitted by a qualified auto electrician.

5) Reduce Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies will give you a reasonable discount if you have a gps tracker fitted to your vehicle.

6) Route/Travel History

A full travel history is available, typically of the past 7 days for most trackers.

7) Vehicle Information

On all trips, the gps tracker will supply information such as exactly where the vehicle was at given time, how many km’s it travelled, the average speed and the current voltage of the car battery.

8) Help In An Emergency

If you car has broken down or you have been in an accident, your gps tracker can provide an exact location for relatives, emergency services or police.